Apr 29, 2016



Like a family LOMTO provides medallion owners and black car drivers with support. The LOMTO Family is comprised of LOMTO Inc and LOMTO FCU. Each provides services, which are necessary to members in the ground transportation industry.

LOMTO Inc. is your voice at the Taxi and Limousine Commission. LOMTO Inc. brings industry concerns to the TLC, which you the membership have raised, and works each day to make sure you have a voice. It also provides members with legal representation at TLC hearings and addresses other concerns that medallion and black car owners and drivers face. Low cost group health insurance is also available to LOMTO Members.

LOMTO FCU helps members get into business. Once you are there we help keep you on the road by providing low cost financial services for all of your needs. No one understands the taxi medallion and black car industry like LOMTO FCU. Our products and services are structured to meet the needs of medallion and black car drivers.

Best of all the LOMTO Family is under one roof. So, come by and see all the LOMTO Family has to offer.

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