LOMTO is a Federally Chartered not for profit financial institution. Chartered in 1936, LOMTO FCU grew out of LOMTO Inc. (League of Mutual Taxi Owners Incorporated) to help its members, the New York City Taxi Medallion Owners. LOMTO FCU and LOMTO Inc. both started out in the Bronx on Jerome Avenue before moving in 1983 to Manhattan on 9th Avenue and 42nd Street. In 2005 the National Credit Union Administration granted permission to LOMTO FCU to add certain locations in Manhattan to our field of membership.

A branch location on Riverside Boulevard was added in 2008, and our main office was relocated in 2010 to Queens Boulevard in Woodside. Today we have over $200 million in assets and our membership includes both New York City Taxi Medallion Owners and the Black Car industry.